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'Angel in a Dog Suit' is proudly endorsed by the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society and have developed a Humane Education Program with Crime Stoppers.


Reaching both heart and mind ‘Angel in a Dog Suit’ is more than just an adoption story. A key to preventing animal cruelty and promoting
, Humane Education is an Ontario SPCA priority and their programs empower youth to become informed, compassionate advocates for Animal Welfare. This book is an important addition to their Humane Education programs as it provides an opportunity for teachers and caregivers to help children connect to their own feelings about animals and about life itself.

If you want to report cruelty:

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Photo of BOTH books on Chapters 'Books to Treasure' shelf

This photo was sent to us after a big fan of ours spotted this 'Books to Treasure' display while strolling through the CHAPTERS (Peterborough, ON) book store. We are so proud and grateful to be in such good company!

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Quote marksI LOVE BOTH YOUR BOOKS!!!!! I read them from start to finish in one sitting and flipped them over to see if there was more. LOL! They are great and I can't wait to use them. Thank you both so much!!"
~ Rick 'Two Bears' McCoy Children Service Worker II,
Investigations at Children's Division Dept of Social Services State of Missouri, USA

And in the news ...

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Bewdley authors Paul Clark and Mary Giuffre pen puppy mill survivor story

Ontario SPCA purchased 5,000 copies of self-published book Northumberland News By Todd McEwen

Photo of Mary Giuffre, Paul L. Clark reading angel in a Dog Suit Todd McEwen / Northumberland News.
BEWDLEY - Mary Giuffre and Paul Clark recently penned a children's book based on the true account of a dog they adopted in 2012 that survived a horrific life in a puppy mill. The Ontario SPCA endorsed the self-published book by purchasing 5,000 copies. March 9, 2015.


NORTHUMBERLAND -- Paul Clark and Mary Giuffre’s lives changed after they visited a humane society in 2012.

The married couple and creative partners volunteered to capture video of 125 puppy-mill puppies that were in the shelter’s care to promote adoption.

We had all the dogs running around us,” Ms. Giuffre said.

As Mr. Clark panned his camera’s lens through a sea of four-legged, fluffy bodies, he stopped on his wife, who was holding a small, half brown, half grey shih tzu-Yorkie mix.

The couple adopted the pup and named it Ruby. At first, they were intrigued by the colour of the pup’s coat.

We thought, how unique, the front part is grey and the back part is brown,” Mr. Clark said.

They soon discovered the puppy mill refugee wasn’t naturally brown.

She was covered in what they call urine scalding, so we thought she was part brown,” Mr. Clark explained.

We saw pictures (of the living conditions) that were so disgusting.

Ruby was originally kept as a breeder at the puppy mill and lived in inhumane conditions, Mr. Clark said. The cells that held Ruby and most of the other dogs were littered with feces and urine.

Her body was in pain all the time,” Ms. Giuffre said.

In about one year, the couple rehabilitated the pup in their quaint, country home in Bewdley. Around summer of 2013, Ruby’s health started deteriorating. As the couple explained, the dog didn’t have a white blood cell count and was in “really bad shape” to the point that vets couldn’t operate. The dog was given one week to live, but managed to hang on until spring.

This little dog that wasn’t supposed to live, and was still quite ill, lived on love until September to March,” Ms. Giuffre said.

In March, the couple put Ruby down.

Ruby had brought so much joy and love to their lives that Ms. Giuffre started writing in an effort to cope with the loss.

I exercise my demons by writing,” she said. “I started writing a story about Ruby.

That story is now a self-published children’s book entitled Angel in a Dog Suit. Ms. Giuffre wrote it and Mr. Clark illustrated. The book follows Ruby’s journey from her days in a puppy mill to her final days spent in a loving home. Ms. Giuffre said the book spreads a message of hope to young readers.

The book was recently endorsed by the Ontario SPCA which purchased 5,000 copies to include in its humane studies education program for school curriculums.

We think it’s a great story,” said Allison Cross of the Ontario SPCA. “It’s a great example of how our services and collaborations work to help the animals.

The York Regional Police Service is also using the book as part of its youth-at-risk program.

We were floored,” Mr. Clark said after the Ontario SPCA ordered 5,000 copies. “We said, do you realize it takes well-known Canadian authors years to sell 5,000 books?

The Ontario SPCA representative they were speaking with at the time just tapped Mr. Clark on the arm and said, “Well, congratulations,”, Mr. Clark said.

As the authors behind another self-published children’s book entitled Scribble and Grin Collection: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times, the couple is excited to experience a new path of success, considering how difficult it can be for self-published authors to break into the industry.

The couple attempted applying for numerous Canadian arts grants, but couldn’t attract any interest because of their self-published status.

How are emerging authors supposed to get a foothold in the industry?” Mr. Clark said.

The couple then connected with Northumberland Futures, which supplied a marketing grant to support their first book.

That got our first book out there,” Mr. Clark said.

The couple published both books under their own company banner, Inspirtainment Ink. Having backgrounds in television and film productions, the couple chased their dreams of becoming children’s authors after being fed up with the popularity of violence on network television shows.

We got tired of all the violence we were asked to use on TV,” Mr. Clark said.

Now they are settling into a new career path as budding children’s authors with their dogs Matilda and Roxie along for the ride.

Angel in a Dog Suit can be purchased at Spark Toys in Cobourg, Peaceful Arts in Port Hope, Chapters in Peterborough and online at www.scribbleandgrin.com.

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An Outstanding 'Angel' BOOK LAUNCH!

We are so pleased to announce our 'Angel in a Dog Suit' book launch on Valentine's Day was a huge success and the fact that we have already sold over 5,000 hardcover books! How cool is that! Read on ...

The Peterborough Examiner masthead

Local authors launch
Angel in a Dog Suit

By Dale Clifford, Peterborough Examiner
Sunday, February 15, 2015 4:17:28 EST PM

Photo of Mary Giuffre, Judy O'Brien & Paul L. Clark at the Furball Gala

Peterborough Humane Society executive director Judy O’Brien shares a moment with Bewdley author Mary Giuffre (left) and Mary’s husband and illustrator Paul L. Clark during the society’s Valentine’s Day Furball Gala at The Venue on Saturday night.
Dale Clifford, Peterborough Examiner/QMI Agency

It was that kind of gala that made everyone feel warm inside.

Dedicated to our furry friends, the Peterborough Humane Society (PHS) held a special Valentine’s Day Furball Gala at The Venue on Saturday night.

Proceeds went to the Milo Fund, for animals in need of emergency surgery or certain medical help.

Judy O’Brien, executive director of the PHS, said it meant a great deal holding such an affair on a special day for lovers.

We thought it was a chance to show love to our partners and to animals in need,’’ she said. “That is what we were all here for. ’’

O’Brien said it was a big night because there were also some special people taking part in the occasion.

While the Small Town Pistols, formerly the Wilkinsons, were the big musical attraction, there were no bigger special guests than the husband and wife tandem of Paul L. Clark and Mary Giuffre out of Bewdley, who launched their new book Angel in a Dog Suit, part of the Scribble and Grin collection.

Written by Giuffre with hand drawn scribbles by Clark, it was the heartwarming story of one tiny dog who went from a puppy mill to the humane society and eventually to a loving home. It was written in rhyme.

It is a book for the family,’’ said Clark. “There are a lot of messages here.’’

They spoke of creating awareness about animal cruelty and reinforcing the importance of kind and loving treatment of animals. It was added that it could remind children and their families that even the most challenging times can become triumphs and that in adversity there was always an opportunity to grow and thrive.

They stated that Ruby’s story proved that when we don’t give up on love, life gets better.

Clark and Giuffre have been involved in the television industry for more than 30 years and stated they stepped out of mainstream media to work from the heart. Married for over 25 years, they said they were delighted to be invited to the gala. O’Brien admitted she was equally glad to have them there and she, along with the Ontario SPCA, thoroughly endorsed their book.

Other special events on the night included a live and silent auction, led by auctioneer Rob Rusland, Mystery Diamond Raffle, courtesy of Tompkins Jewellers in Lakefield, and a gourmet dinner by The Venue.

Through the course of the evening, touching pictures of animals were displayed on a large screen on the main stage and there were also special personal appearances of many of the four-legged creatures themselves.

Our love of animals is what we are all about,’’ said O’Brien.

The Small Town Pistols comprise Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson and they launched their career as a band made up of themselves and their father Steve Wilkinson out of Trenton.


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And on Monday & Tuesday, February 9-10, 2015 ...

We attended Reading for the Love of It which is the largest Canadian language arts conference in the country - sold book sets every 12 minutes (breaking our record sales from the year before) and were told that we would be put on the OISE 'List'. We are very excited!

Thousands of educators from across the country wandered through the exhibit booths, looking forward to meeting publishers, book sellers, authors, illustrators and storytellers, while buying some books and having them autographed. All in one place for two days!

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A valuable character development resource!

Scribble & Grin™ provides parents, teachers, librarians, caregivers and organizations with a valuable resource of timeless material. The rhymes are a springboard for emotional expression, dialogue and action in a variety of situations and they provide the opportunity to tune into the sounds and structure of language.

To provide the most fulfilling experience, every detail of our books have been considered right down to the font, which was chosen to assist children who are learning to write, as each letter appears exactly like those in hand-printed words.

When kids are inspired and entertained, they relate, repeat, and recall, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of love and respect.

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